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Guangzhou Weika Commercial Kitchen Equipment Co., Ltd. is committed to the R&D, production and sales of commercial kitchen food preparation equipment. Our main products include electric food choppers, ice crushers, etc., which are widely used in Western kitchens and are popular in European and American markets.
Application of
Electric Ice Crusher
The electric ice crusher is mainly used to break ice into broken ice, used for fruit juice, cola, cold drinks, etc. It is a necessary food machinery and equipment for cold drink shops and fruit juice shops.
An ice crusher is similar to an ice shaver. The ice shaver produces small ice cubes, while the ice crusher is used to produce crushed ice.
Application of
Electric Food Chopper
Electric food chopper is mainly used for meat and vegetable food chopping processing, such as meat foam processing, garlic processing, ginger foam processing and other vegetables and fruits processing. It is widely used in hotels, restaurants, canteens and food processing plants.
Product Quality and Food Safety First
Weika attaches great importance to product quality and food safety. Our electric food chopper is made of all stainless steel, all of which are food grade stainless steel. In operation, Weika electric food chopper is equipped with magnetic safety switch: if the top cover is not in place, the machine can not be started to ensure the safety of the operator.Weika ice crusher is divided into plastic shell and stainless steel shell, but all the parts in contact with food are made of food grade stainless steel to ensure food hygiene and safety.
Every product is an improvement
Weika hopes that every product is exquisite and can bring you a pleasant experience of food processing. We will launch new electric food choppers and ice breakers on a regular basis. I hope you will follow us!
WJ-R15 PLUS Stainless Steel Electric Food Chopper
WK-118L Stainless Steel Electric Ice Crusher
WK-B08 Mini Electric Ice Crusher
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